Trying to Get Around in Turkey

I have been over in Turkey for a couple of weeks now and doing my best to get around. Of course there is a lot of trouble in this part of the world and I am doing my best to stay away from it. We are in Ankara and Istanbul, but we are staying well away from the border with Syria and Iraq where the wars are raging. Right now I am trying to figure out how to use a web page called From what I can tell it is supposed to automate payments to the toll authorities in this country. So far I am not going very well in the process. It is not something that I want to talk to just anyone about, or at least I do not want to involve strangers in the part where I am putting my credit card number in it. Supposedly you can do this with the SIM on your mobile phone, but in truth my phone has been missing in action most of the time since I got here.

In fact so far I have been lucky, in that I have not had any problems. There are definitely a lot of them in this country. I would say that the president is a thin skinned tyrant, but people get tossed in jail for saying less than that. It is pretty obvious from the way he is acting that he is trying to establish a dictatorship, or at least a one party state. In fact all of his policies have turned out to be disastrous and when it comes to the situation in Syria it is hard to tell if he is really on our side or not. He is against the Assad regime, but mostly worried about the Kurdish minority here and there.