The Hunt for the Prize

A group of people decided to hold a contest on my college campus. They hid money at various locations around the campus, and left hints on Snapchat of where to find the money. The hints would only be available for a short period of time, so if you miss one, then your chances of finding the money will be harder. The first three hints were posted early in the morning, and I slept through all of them. Fortunately, no one had been able to find the money, despite having the hints. I used a Snapchat hack to see the hints that I missed.

At first, the hints didn’t make any sense. I was taking a practical approach to the situation, when I should have been thinking outside of the box. Something about the hints looked familiar to me, but I couldn’t figure out what. I started looking at my astronomy book to prepare for the next class, and that’s when it hit me. All of the hints were related to astronomy, with one common message that could be deciphered. Each hint corresponded to the location of one prize, and the prizes were arranged in such a way that they formed a constellation when viewed from the campus map.

By the time I figured this out, a couple more hints had been posted. I marked on the map the position of where the prizes should be, and drew a constellation on top of the map. The shape of the constellation was the same one as the big dipper. I went to each of the constellation points and found each hidden prize without having to do any intense searching. In all, I found $300 that day. No one else was able to figure out the clues, so I didn’t have to share with anyone.