Something is Growing on My Roof

There was some kind of weird fungus growing out of the roof of my home. I only noticed it when I was flying a drone over my home for fun. I was testing out the drone and taking some overhead shots of my home and I noticed something weird in the shots of my roof. I pulled out the ladder and climbed on the roof for a further inspection and that’s when I found out what was happening. The only reasonable course of action was to get roof repair in Queens, because I like mushrooms as much as the next person, but I don’t want it growing out of my roof.

One of my friends suggested that I try some of the fungus to see if it was edible. From hearing various stories about people being poisoned by wild fungus, I learned never to eat anything growing in the wild unless you are exactly sure of what it is. For all I know, the fungus could have been some deadly, toxic variety, and one bite of it would have put my life at risk. My friend, who was a little crazier than I am, wanted to try some, but I prevented him from doing it.

When the roof repair workers came to my home, they recognized the fungus. It was a common fungus that grows on peoples homes when there is a lot of moisture collecting. Normally the sun does a lot to prevent the growth of this fungus, but lately it has been very cloudy outside, giving a chance for the fungus to grow. The fungus had done some damage to the roof, but it wasn’t anything that couldn’t easily be removed and replaced. After getting rid of the fungus and putting new shingles on the roof, the company sprayed the roof with an anti fungal agent.