Saving Our Family is Important

My husband just lost his job in the financial sector of the market and I knew that a lot of people in New York City were going to be hurting with one less income in their home. He did not have a small job, it was a very large job and he provided a lot of money to our family. I do not have a job so I knew that it was time to go to the brooklyn bankruptcy lawyer that a lot of our neighbors had used so that we could keep our home and our cars while getting rid of our credit card debt. I wanted to make sure that our kids could stay in their private school as that was also very important to us. We had paid their tuition off at the beginning of the year so that was not a problem for us to do.

The people in our building had told me about lawyer and that he saved their family and that all of them could not believe how little he charged for the services that he provided. All of the people that we talked to were able to keep their home and their cars and those were some of the things that we needed to keep. I made an appointment with him and I could not believe that if you were going to go and file for bankruptcy that you were still going to have to pay a few thousand dollars just to file and have a lawyer that was going to represent you. It was crazy to me that we were able to do this but we had to keep our family together and make sure that we had a roof over our heads for our kids to live and play and grow.