Preparing My Car for a Trip

Thanks to a friend of mine reminding me through the social networking site I remembered that I had to find a place to get an oil change in Boulder. I had completely forgotten about the need for it before I leave for my trip next week and now, I have plenty of time to get it taken care of.

I used to use this quick drive through place that is around the corner from my house, but it has gone out of business and left me with the problem of trying to find someone that would take as good of care of my car as they did.

I decided to use that social site to try to find an oil change place that is not far from my house, known to have a good reputation and that would not cost me an arm and leg to take my car to. I tend to get the full service oil change when I take my car in so I do not have to worry about checking any of my filters or fluids myself. If I had to do all of that myself, I know that it would never get done.

I was able to find the account for one of the shops that I have driven by several times in the past. I read through the customer comments on their feed and was pretty pleased with the level of satisfaction that the customers seem to have.

I will be taking my car there this weekend and getting it taken care of. I have to leave on Tuesday, so getting it done this weekend is a must. I just hope to have as good of an experience as the rest of their customers have had. It will make it easy for me to return for future service.