Physics Might As Well Be Greek to Me

The work that my kids are doing in school is so much harder than what I had to do. It’s like they’re learning an entirely foreign language in a science class. The physics they’re doing has some stuff that barely looks familiar to me. I can see how any student would be frustrated just by sitting in class and having the teacher talk about all of that stuff. My kids needed jc physics tuition because they were having problems and it was causing their grades to slip. I suspect other students in the class are having the same problem.

For my kids, the tuition worked because it explained things a little differently compared to how the teachers at school explained things. The tuition method was simpler to grasp and it made everything just click into place. I even sat in on one of the tuition sessions that my kids were doing, and everything looked simpler to me than when I was looking at their textbooks and homework and trying to figure everything out on my own. I don’t understand why the books and homework are made in such a manner that it makes everything more complicating for the students. I realize the teachers have to teach with what they are given, but they should see that the material isn’t easy to follow.

My kids have seen a drastic improvement in their grades and it’s all because of tuition. Their teachers have told me how much they’ve improved and asked me how they did it. I told them about the tuition service I contacted, and they asked me if I could give them their contact information, not only for the other students to use, but so they could get some help in understanding some of the physics concepts from the books and homework.