Music is Helping Me Learn a New Language

My friend is from India, and he listens to some interesting music. I like some of the rhythms, even though I do not know his language well yet. He told me about an mp3 download site where I can get a lot of the songs that he listens to. He gave me a list in English that I could look up on the site. I think it is interesting to explore the music of different cultures. Plus, it is helping me to pick out words in his language. You have to regularly hear a language for your ears to get adjusted to listening to it even if you know the technical aspects of speaking it.

I had learned a lot of phrases in his language. I do not know how to read or write it, but I could hold a conversation in it. My trouble was being able to understand it when it was spoken at full natural speed. He was like that with me and English in the early stages of our relationship. I had to speak slower for him to make out all of the words. Listening to the music in his native tongue has really helped me to hear the words. I do not even know the mechanism in play that is working to make it so I can more easily understand the words when they are spoken at a natural pace. I guess it is just training my hearing.

The melodies are catchy, and they help me to understand the natural rhythms in the patterns of speech for his language. He tells me that there are different dialects, but it would be like listening to a Bostonian or a Southerner here in the states. They use the same words, but they just sound a bit different. Listening to the music has also helped me figure out slang in his language. The idioms can be really tough.