Mom and I Hired a Maid Agency in Singapore to Help Grandma

My grandmother is stubborn as my mother and I put together. She insists on keeping the home her and granddad lived in since they were married even though she is slowing down and needing help. She lives about an hour from both mom and I. We try to help her as much as we can, but it became necessary to hire a maid agency in singapore to help her out when we cannot be there.

Between mom and I the service was very much affordable. Grandma will not move, but she was willing to accept the help. Before long she was very accepting of the maids who help her on a daily basis. She is fond of them all, and they all know exactly how she likes things done. I am so glad that this is working out for her. The professional maids are very patient and kind to my grandmother. We appreciate them very much.

We were very impressed with the quality of staff, and the high level of training the maids from this maid agency in Singapore have. There are no language barriers, and they all are very skilled in cooking, cleaning and other duties common to maid service. My grandmother is of the old school were floors have to shine and laundry needs to not have a wrinkle in it. The maids easily meet her expectations of quality work. Now that is really saying something in this generation.

We hope that grandma will be able to spend many more years in her home with the help of the maid service. Grandma can still easily take care of herself, but things like housecleaning, meal preparation and laundry are tough on her. The help of a maid is very welcomed by her. She told me that she never thought in a million years that she would ever have a maid, but she is very happy to have one helping her.