It Might Be Time for a Vacation

Winter, it seems, has decided to stick around for as long as possible. Like that guy who stays too long after the party has ended; you know the one. He keeps on drinking your booze and telling you a sob story about how he has no friends and how he is just a good guy who has made some mistakes in life and can he sleep on your couch for the night? Yeah, that guy! Which is exactly why I have been considering moving to grayton beach. Winter has made itself at home here and I want nothing to do with it. I’m sick of the cold, I’m sick of the snow and worst yet I’m tired of the teasing days of warmth that give me a glimpse of hope that spring has arrived, only to have it snow the next day. What is with this weather lately? Can’t a guy get a break?

Florida has always been a destination I have loved.