I Wanted Power on My Enclosed Porch

My son took an interest in carpentry at a young age. My dad is a carpenter, and he helped my son learn all kinds of things about building something out of nothing. When my son was 17, he asked me if he could enclose our back porch. This is something I have always wanted, and I was so happy that he wanted to do it. After it was done, I decided to look at companies that provide electrical services in Passaic County NJ because I wanted to get the enclosed porch wired so we could enjoy it regardless of the season.

I looked at a few different companies, but none of them made me feel as good as Lockman Electric did. They have a website that is filled with a lot of great information, and I just felt very comfortable in calling them to see if they could give me a quote for the work that I wanted done. I explained what it was, and they sent someone over so they could give me an accurate quote. There was no wiring at all, so I needed to have several outlets put in.

I also wanted to have a ceiling fan put in because I did not want to have to always keep the windows open just to get a cool breeze. I thought it would be great to curl up on the wicker couch with a good book, an iced tea and the ceiling fan going. The person who came out took inventory of everything I wanted done, and he gave me a quote that was a lot less than I was expecting. It did not take them long to do all of this work either! Thanks to my son and those electricians, I now have the porch I have always wanted.