I Needed Help in a Big Way

I find that it is not so easy to get things done yourself when you are in your 70s. That is so hard for me to admit because I was always someone who has been very physical and loved hard work. But just recently, I needed some help for tree removal in Queens county, NY because I could not get my yard cleaned up myself. It pains me to admit that I could not do the work myself, but I am grateful there are reasonable companies out there who can.

I used to be married to someone in the military, and he taught me the benefit of not waiting for someone else to do things for you. He was very active, and I learned to be the same way from him. I loved that doing hard work around the house saved us a lot of money, and it kept us both feeling fit, too. In fact, I was pleased to learn that, as a female, I was a tough female! I could keep up with him pretty well when it came to hard labor.

When one of my trees was damaged in a big storm recently, I went out to try to handle the clean up myself. My husband passed about 7 years ago, so I was on my own. I still have his old chain saw, so I tried to cut the pieces up to make them smaller and easy to haul away. I found myself being winded so easily, and the work was taking me days, when something like that would only take hours in the past. Defeated, I went back inside to sit and think about it. I knew that I could keep doing the work on my own, but at the slow rate I was going, it would take me a week. It became apparent that it would just be easier to have someone come do it for me.