I Had a Drain Problem in My Sink

It seems that things always happen when my husband is not home. When he left last time, I had a sink that kept overflowing. The drain was not working properly, and the liquid drain cleaner I put down the sink was not very effective. I called him at his hotel after trying to handle it on my own, and he told me that I needed to call a plumbing company that does sewer cleaning in Rockland County NY. It was on his list of things to do in a few months, so he was surprised that it needed to be done already.

Since there was no way for him to figure it out when he was nearly 400 miles away, I just went online and looked for the company that he was going to call in a few months. Since he is so organized, it did not take me very long at all to find the company. When I called and explained my problem, I thought that it was going to take them a while to come out and look at it since it was not a major emergency. I was happy when they sent someone out that same day!

The plumber was able to figure out that it was a partial clog and knew exactly what to do for it. While he did fix the problem pretty fast, I asked him about cleaning the pipes like my husband wanted to do in a few months. He explained that we would be able to wait since he took care of the immediate problem. He explained the process in detail so I would understand exactly what had happened and what would be done when they cleaned the pipes once my husband got home. Dealing with a company like this is very nice when you really have no clue what is going on!