I Can Do So Much More Now

After getting a new phone, it was so nice to learn just how much I could do with it. I had a very old one for years, and I did not do much but the most basic of things on it. But I decided to enter the technical world that many people had been busy experiencing for years and go with something upgraded. I found myself having a blast learning about all the news things I could do, such as unlimited games and even having the ability to organize my days more efficiently.

The phone that I had for ears served me well. I really did not know what I was missing when it comes to upgrades, though. So, when the old one conked out, I reluctantly bought a new smart phone. I am a cheapskate, and I was focused on that more than anything. But what I didn’t realize was that staying in the dark ages when it comes to older technology wasn’t doing me any favors at all. I just really did not know how much easier and more fun life could be with one of today’s newer technological advances.

The first thing that I noticed is that there are a lot of different apps that you can download for free. I downloaded one that lets me keep track of everything I do each day, down to the minute. I can set alarms in it that will beep at me to remind me to do things. For the first time in many years, I feel like I am finally on top of things with the constant reminder beeps going off throughout the day. The other thing I learned about are all of the different games that you can play. Now, when I’m stuck at the doctor’s office or picking up my child from school, I can have a little fun while I am waiting.