I Call New Futura Home Now

I had been looking for a new place to live for nearly a year before I found the one I wanted to call home. I was promoted at my job, which meant moving nearly 40 minutes away. It was actually a blessing that I was having such a hard time finding a place to live, because I really did not want to have that long of a commute. The New Futura is the first one that I looked at when I found out I would be living in District 9, and it was also the only one that I looked at.

It truly has everything that I could possibly want, and a few things that I consider bonuses. I only needed a two bedroom unit because even if I would marry at this point in my life, I am past the age of wanting to raise children. The two bedroom unit I have now is great because it gives me the privacy I want if I would have overnight guests such as visiting family or friends while allowing them to have the privacy they want too. I don’t have people over that often like that, but I enjoy having the option of having them stay with me rather than a hotel when I do.

Another reason this is perfect is because it is only about 10 minutes from where I now work. Even if I move up the ladder again, I will still be in this location. Anything I could possibly want as far as entertainment, meals or shopping is between my work location and New Futura. There are a lot of amenities and features at the development too that I use. I enjoy swimming and using the fitness center the most, and I have made some friends at the various social venues on the property. This is definitely the place for me.