How Much Benefit Do You Get from a High Refresh Rate?

I have been thinking about upgrading for some time, but it has become a more pressing issue since my side monitor gave it’s last for the cause. I did have two monitors, a 24 inch monitor and a 20 inch monitor. That allows to multi task a lot more easily. I have been looking at the best 144hz monitors and wondering how much that would really benefit me and whether or not it would require further upgrades in order to really derive a true benefit. I know that this is the case with 4K monitors. The impact is obvious in a monitor, but only if you have a tremendous amount of power in your cpu and your graphics card. That is easy to figure out when you do the math involved. A 4K picture has a tremendous increase in the number of pixels as a 1080p one does. That in turn increases the need for processing power. I would assume that the same would be true with a drastic increase in the frames per second rate increase that and 144 hertz monitor would bring.

So in theory the higher refresh rate could bring a lot of benefits, but to achieve those benefits you may have to invest in better components. I really do not think that I want to go down that road, although obviously I am going to want to upgrade at some point. I try to stay within a definite philosophy when I invest in improving my computer, it is a rather simple cost benefit analysis. I know that the bleeding edge of technology is going to be way too expensive, but if you are too far behind the curve that is going to make it hard to play the latest games. So I try to find a balance in between those two concepts.