Going to Upgrade My Hiking Gear

It is pretty clear when you have been at this a little while, that it is really important to think about what you wear and carry when you are hiking seriously. The big thing is that you would like to have the most rugged and ultralight backpacking gear that you can possibly afford. I was reading the other day about a new carbon fiber designed backpack that would carry up to a hundred and fifty pounds. Obviously most people can not carry that much weight, I am a big man at six foot three inches and almost two hundred and ten pounds. Still I am working to keep the total weight of my backpack to around twenty five pounds, including water and food. That is difficult to do, in fact a lot of people carry far less. However you have to think about things that involve comfort. It is not worth it to save a bit of weight on a flimsy sleeping bag if you can not get a good night’s sleep in it, or if you catch hypothermia because it is not warm enough.

That is the thing. You need to get a good night’s sleep if you want to have an enjoyable journey. You need to have enough food to eat, because you are going to need to fuel your food provides to hike, especially if it is rugged terrain. So you have to think about these sorts of things or else you are going to end up being miserable. The point is to have a pleasant trek, not to see how much you can suffer. At least that is what is about for me. Of course I like to carry my camera and take a lot of photographs as well, that is another of my favorite hobbies after all.