Getting Toys for Our Children of Our Friends in India

It is tough buying for friends who live in another country. Though I know them, I do not know all about there culture. We have visited them, and they used to live here. That is how we became friends. My wife and I like to at least buy their children presents on their birthdays. I found a way to order toys for kids online that include toys that would be appreciated by children in India. They have the Chhota Bheem toys. He is a character from an animated series in India. I have never seen it, so I cannot even begin to relate. However, that is how I feel about some of the cartoons our kids watch.

It is nice to have one place where we can get toys for the children of our our friends and have them shipped to them in India. They are always grateful, and I asked the husband if we were truly getting good gifts. He assured me that we were doing better than even the gifts his own parents were getting for his children. He said that we seem to know more about what the kids want than even what he does. That made us feel good because I know how people can be. They can get an awful gift and out of respect tell you it is a good gift.

We do a little research into what kids are into in India. Then we look at this site that has toys for kids online. Then we pick from what they have available. Except for some characters we are not familiar with, it is pretty much the same stuff. Dolls, action figures and other toys are still popular among all kids no matter what country they are from. Buying online and having the items shipped directly saves us money too. If we buy something here, we have to box it up and the shipping is high.