From Hardwoods to Carpeting and Back Again

Years ago people started covering beautiful oak hardwood floors with wall-to-wall carpeting. They liked how it felt on bare feet, especially in the winter. Then, a couple of generations later, people started ripping up the rugs in older houses and sanding and refinishing the hardwood floors. New homes were getting different laminates and hardwoods installed instead of carpeting. Now, people are back in the stores and online looking for a compromise. They are looking for throw and area rugs for sale in accent colors and piles to have something soft over at least part of those hard floors.

It is relaxing to nestle your toes into a deep shag pile carpeting in front of your sofa and the telly. Who has not relaxed on a nice comfy carpet a time or two? It is a great place to play games with the kids or to sit close to a fire place or woodburner. We like our textiles on our backs, in our beds, covering our windows and on our floors. The softness of rugs, draperies, clothing, linens, comforters and more are like a buffer between home and the hard world outside. Birds make fluffy nests. Rodents and many other mammals do too. We are no different in making our homes fluffy and comfortable. There is not much else like the feeling of wrapping up in a warm comforter in bed on a cold winter’s night. We have our shield around us protecting us from the cold.

Getting out of bed and putting bare feet onto a hardwood or tile floor is a shock to the system. Carpeting and rugs are comfortable, fuzzy and warm. Going back a few more generations before textiles, we would have animal skins covering the openings of our shelters, we would wear them on our backs, cover up with them in bed, and have them on our floors. Nothing much has changed.