Focusing on a New Way of Living

Having just moved into my new place over the summer, I’ve had the problem that I am sure most new homeowners have with trying to find the proper utensils and filling up all the things that I need to use around the house. There are a lot of materials to choose from but I decided that I would go with stainless steel products instead of plastic or anything of that kind; it’s not something that I trust – I know that a lot of people say that plastic is safe to use but to me it’s more than just being ‘safe’, it’s about leaving a small carbon footprint behind. Plastic materials are often made with oil products – all the plastic materials. This is not something that we should be using to make our utensils and such with, we’re using precious resources in order to create these items instead of depending on more viable and less useful resources like steel.

So far, I’ve enjoyed venturing into the world of home ownership.