Finally, My Firm is Outsourcing Their Transcribing Needs

My inbox is filled every morning. The attorneys sometimes work late on aspects of big cases, and I get to do all of the paperwork. I do not mind going to the courthouse or making a hundred phone calls in a day to get things moving with a case. I can even enjoy spending hours doing records research in old paper file rooms. One thing I actually despise is transcribing audio interviews and audio notations. I know the legalese and still have difficulty with transcription. I heard of another firm outsourcing their transcribing needs to a company that has a quick turnaround.

Our transcription needs are sometimes urgent. I have an agreement with the attorneys I answer to that some things will be delayed when they hit me with surprise transcription work. Some of the interviews run longer than an hour. It takes a long time to do transcriptions. Outsourcing it to people who do it all the time makes more sense. I sat down with my boss going over how much I earn per hour and doing the work I am educated to do. I demonstrated that using my expertise in research provides more of a return on their investment in me, and how it would actually cost less to start outsourcing their transcribing needs.

It took a couple of days, but they decided that my numbers did make perfect sense. They are like that. They know I always come back with hard facts that are inarguable and win cases. They just like to make sure I don’t get a big head about it, I guess. It is a win win for me. No more transcribing audio, and I get to do more of the work I was originally hired to do. They win in that they get their transcriptions back in just a few hours when it is urgent.