Bullying is Not the Answer

 ... the agency has the authority to track Americans via cell phonesMy daughter moved to a different school last year because she was bullied so bad by the kids at her old school. Instead of dealing with the bulling, my daughter’s school decided to turn a blind eye to it and it ended up with her getting a concussion after the girls who were giving her a hard time decided it would be funny to kick her in the head. Spybubble and other apps allow parents to see what is really going on with their kids cell phone. I installed a similar app to my daughter’s phone to see what the kids were saying to her in the beginning when I noticed that her mood changed. My daughter constantly was crying before and after she went to school and she also stopped getting good grades. I immediately spoke with her doctor and she suggested that I suspect she may be getting bullied at school.

We have always had such a great relationship that I almost wouldn’t believe that people wo uld pick on her and she wouldn’t be able to tell me.