Best Energy Options in Texas

I just moved to Texas in order to live near my girlfriend, who is from Texas. I am pretty excited to live in a new state, and also of course, to be near my girlfriend. I think that things will work out in the long run between us, which is why I was willing to move to Texas to pursue a closer relationship with her. Anyway, I am going to need to figure out what texas energy options are like, and where I will be able to get the best deal on my electricity.

I know that unlike the state I just moved from, energy has become de-regulated in Texas, and as a result, there are many companies that you can get your electricity from. It is kind of neat to be able to have a choice, and it also means that one company cannot charge whatever rates that they want to, simply because they do not have any sort of competition. I am looking forward to getting electricity for pretty cheap in Texas, so I need to start looking online for the best deals that are available.

I want to make sure that I find the cheapest price possible, because I need to try to save up money at this point in my life. If I can save some money on my bills, then I will be able to save up money more quickly than I would be able to otherwise. I am curious to learn just how many companies I can buy electricity from in this area. I wonder if it is more than a dozen. It won’t many impact on my decision, but it is just something I am curious to find out about, because I come from a state where energy is regulated and there is only one electricity company available in general.