A Hitch in the New System

All of my friends downloaded a new operating system and convinced me that it was the greatest thing to hit computers. I was on an old operating system made by the same company that made the new one, but all users had the ability to upgrade to the new system at any time. Initially I was against upgrading, because I had a feeling that not all of the problems would be ironed out. Against my better judgement, I upgraded anyway, and I faced problems, leaving me to find a possible solution for conhost.exe causing a runtime error.

Every day I would get pop ups about the runtime error happening, and I couldn’t figure out what was causing it. I ran my virus and malware scanner just in case something had infected my computer, but the results of the scan were negative. I updated to the latest drivers, but that didn’t have any effect. My friends hadn’t encountered the error, so they were no help to me. I was hoping that someone else might have encountered the error and found a solution for it, so I searched online for answers. Other people who had the error reported on the solutions they used, but none of them worked on my computer.

Finally I found a solution that did the job. I had to install a program that repairs functionality to computers in different situations. The program runs a scan to see what might be wrong, and makes the necessary changes to the computer’s files to absolve it. I was stressing over a problem for days, while the program was able to fix it in 20 minutes. Now that I’ve got the problem fixed, I might as well stick with the new operating system. I’ll be sure not to listen to computer advice from my friends in the future.