A Chance to Win a Home Contest

For a home decor contest, I hired a painter in Bergen County NJ to give my home a new look. The winner of the contest would get a picture of their home taken and it would be placed on the front cover of a home magazine. In addition, the winner also gets a prize of $50,000. I thought about what kinds of colors would win a home contest, and turned to some of the less common colors. Everyone has seen off white, egg shell, cream, beige, baby blue, and all of those other light colors. To win over everyone else, I needed something more bold.

I chose shades of red, blue, and yellow to make up the look of my home. I started with a red base for the walls. I chose a red that would look good in photos as well as in real life without being too bright. The key of the look is to have everything mesh together to create a cohesive look. No one color should be more loud than the other, otherwise it will take over the whole room and nothing else will be noticed. I used yellow for the floor and ceiling trimming, and blue for the fabrics on the furniture.

When my decorating was done, I had a room that looked like it came out of a fictional universe. When the home inspector came to look at my home, he was shocked at what he saw. At first, I thought this was the bad kind of shock, because his eyes were bugged out and he didn’t close his mouth for at least a minute. He finally came to his senses and told me that my home was the most impressive one that he had ever seen. He awarded me with the cash prize and the magazine photo.