Best Practces & Workplace Guidance on Emerging Drug Policy Reform

Pending drug reform proposals recently drafted by the Health Minister call for the legalisation of the psychotropic clinically known as cannabis. Our employers helpline is available to help you tread through the incipient transition.

Governmental politicians put forth the argument that such legislative revisions will generate upwards of 1B GPB in tax revenue.

But what might such pendng Parliamentary decision cost you as an employer? What will be its impact on your firm’s budgetary bottom line?

Employers and their human resources staffers are well-advised to now pragmatically consider and pro-actively assess their business risk and insurance liability pertaining to such comprehensive measures whixh are are soon to be approved and passed into mandated law.

Our authoritative, up-to-date employers’ helpline provides timely, best practices guidance in accordance with complex regulatory codes in critical areas of expertise pertaining to employee health and workplace safety; risk insurance; pre-employemnt drug-screening; hiring and firing processes and praactices.

The legal and financial impact that the Royal Commission’s impending drug policy regulations will have on commerce and business markets is immeasurable. It is most prudent that employers devise functionally innovative legal frameworks in order to protect their livelihoods, their staff members, and their customers over the coming years of on-going cannaibis law reform.

How will your supervisors be able to maintain your company’s establsihed drug-free workplace policies when these psychotropics are legalised and legitimatsed? How will such measures affect loss control and insurance claims? How can the highest productiivity and steling-quality product standards be upheld? To what degree will suitable employee pools be diminished?

Moreover, how will your firm address concerns regarding possible on-the-job employee impairment, and current drug monitoring methods?

Case stidies demonstarte that these grey legislative areas cause conditions of vulnerability, increasing business exposure to lawsuit liabilit.

Our employers’ helpline will help your firm to navigate these choppy legalistic waters and can advise on handling intricate and intensive Employment Tribunal negociations with respect to “zer-tolerance” observance. Additionally, we advise on contract and audit reviews with respect to the upcoming market changes and the revised cannabis laws.

Music is Helping Me Learn a New Language

My friend is from India, and he listens to some interesting music. I like some of the rhythms, even though I do not know his language well yet. He told me about an mp3 download site where I can get a lot of the songs that he listens to. He gave me a list in English that I could look up on the site. I think it is interesting to explore the music of different cultures. Plus, it is helping me to pick out words in his language. You have to regularly hear a language for your ears to get adjusted to listening to it even if you know the technical aspects of speaking it.

I had learned a lot of phrases in his language. I do not know how to read or write it, but I could hold a conversation in it. My trouble was being able to understand it when it was spoken at full natural speed. He was like that with me and English in the early stages of our relationship. I had to speak slower for him to make out all of the words. Listening to the music in his native tongue has really helped me to hear the words. Continue reading

The Importance of Brushing Teeth

When I decided to foster three children, I knew that all of our lives were going to change. The two brothers and their younger sister had come from a very rough environment. They were suddenly orphaned due to senseless violence, and I knew I had to step up and help so they were not separated. When they moved in with me, they were very polite, but they had no good hygiene habits. When I asked them that first night if they were ready to brush your teeth, they told me that they don’t do that very often. Talk about something that can break your heart instantly!

Thankfully, I am used to having overnight guests, so I was prepared with plenty of toothbrushes, toothpaste and floss. The kids knew how to brush their teeth, but they had never used floss even once in their young lives. I let them just brush their teeth that night, but we had a talk the following day about the importance of keeping up with their oral hygiene. I explained that it is much more than just trying to keep their teeth looking nice. It is also a very healthy habit to get into as well. Continue reading

A Hitch in the New System

All of my friends downloaded a new operating system and convinced me that it was the greatest thing to hit computers. I was on an old operating system made by the same company that made the new one, but all users had the ability to upgrade to the new system at any time. Initially I was against upgrading, because I had a feeling that not all of the problems would be ironed out. Against my better judgement, I upgraded anyway, and I faced problems, leaving me to find a possible solution for conhost.exe causing a runtime error.

Every day I would get pop ups about the runtime error happening, and I couldn’t figure out what was causing it. I ran my virus and malware scanner just in case something had infected my computer, but the results of the scan were negative. Continue reading

Finally, My Firm is Outsourcing Their Transcribing Needs

My inbox is filled every morning. The attorneys sometimes work late on aspects of big cases, and I get to do all of the paperwork. I do not mind going to the courthouse or making a hundred phone calls in a day to get things moving with a case. I can even enjoy spending hours doing records research in old paper file rooms. One thing I actually despise is transcribing audio interviews and audio notations. I know the legalese and still have difficulty with transcription. I heard of another firm outsourcing their transcribing needs to a company that has a quick turnaround.

Our transcription needs are sometimes urgent. I have an agreement with the attorneys I answer to that some things will be delayed when they hit me with surprise transcription work. Some of the interviews run longer than an hour. It takes a long time to do transcriptions. Outsourcing it to people who do it all the time makes more sense. Continue reading