Trying to Get Around in Turkey

I have been over in Turkey for a couple of weeks now and doing my best to get around. Of course there is a lot of trouble in this part of the world and I am doing my best to stay away from it. We are in Ankara and Istanbul, but we are staying well away from the border with Syria and Iraq where the wars are raging. Right now I am trying to figure out how to use a web page called From what I can tell it is supposed to automate payments to the toll authorities in this country. So far I am not going very well in the process. Continue reading

Preparing for Possible AC Failure


If last year is anything like this year, I might need AC replacement in NYC. Last year a lot of my appliances broke down during the summer. I had to hang my clothes outside to dry because the dryer broke. While it leave my clothes with a nice smell, I had to plan my washing and drying times around the weather, because I didn’t want the rain to make my clothes wetter. The freezer in my refrigerator stopped working, so I could only keep food cool, but I couldn’t store anything long term. My television screen started getting smaller and eventually the television just shut off.

I only had enough money to pay for repairs for one of these things. Continue reading

From Hardwoods to Carpeting and Back Again

Years ago people started covering beautiful oak hardwood floors with wall-to-wall carpeting. They liked how it felt on bare feet, especially in the winter. Then, a couple of generations later, people started ripping up the rugs in older houses and sanding and refinishing the hardwood floors. New homes were getting different laminates and hardwoods installed instead of carpeting. Now, people are back in the stores and online looking for a compromise. They are looking for throw and area rugs for sale in accent colors and piles to have something soft over at least part of those hard floors.

It is relaxing to nestle your toes into a deep shag pile carpeting in front of your sofa and the telly. Continue reading

I Can Do So Much More Now

After getting a new phone, it was so nice to learn just how much I could do with it. I had a very old one for years, and I did not do much but the most basic of things on it. But I decided to enter the technical world that many people had been busy experiencing for years and go with something upgraded. I found myself having a blast learning about all the news things I could do, such as unlimited games and even having the ability to organize my days more efficiently.

The phone that I had for ears served me well. I really did not know what I was missing when it comes to upgrades, though. So, when the old one conked out, I reluctantly bought a new smart phone. Continue reading

Making Music with Free Tools

I think there is a point in every persons life where they think they can become a musician. While listening to some music, I began to think how cool it would be if I could produce my own music. I didn’t know how to play any instruments, but I was willing to learn along the way. Some of the big name music producers use expensive software and high tech recording equipment to make their music, but I couldn’t afford any of that. I took a more frugal route by looking for free mobile applications that could get the job done just as well.

One of the programs that I downloaded was like a mixing board. There were a list of sounds that represent different instruments and effects that you could choose from, and you arrange them along a grid. When you play your creation, a line moves along the grid and when it comes in contact with one of the sounds that you’ve placed on it, it plays that sound, kind of like how a player piano plays a note when it comes across one of the holes in a paper feed. Continue reading