Moving Up to the 21st Floor

We decided that we can afford a much better place now and rather than look at a new building we just asked the building manager if there was something bigger available. Maria has gotten a huge promotion, although it comes with a tremendous amount of work as she is expected to clean up a huge mess that was left when they had some sort of scandal in the department that they put her in charge of. Millicent and Irene have started getting regular visits from a singapore tuition agency.

Jud Got Thrown off His Horse the Other Day

Gonstead-Technik - Chiropraktik Gabelberger M√ľnchenI was not really paying attention when Jud saddled up that horse the other day, of course I would have caught what he did if I had been paying attention. He tightened up the back cinch on that saddle a lot more than he should have and you know what happens when you do that. Of course in the rodeo they do that on purpose and they call it a bucking cinch. Jud actually held on for a lot longer than 8 seconds, but in the end that horse threw him into a tree. Some chiropractors in mesa az had to fix him up, but of course he is a stubborn fellow and for about a week and a half he hobbled around claiming that there was nothing wrong with him.